opportunities to explore and connect our MIND|BODY. By tapping into to this connection the awareness of self becomes clear, revealing an ability to unlock our hidden potential.   

Through applying the science of breath, 

EXPAND+BREATHE's mission is to cultivate the conscious and subconscious mind, in order to optimize our

emotional and physical health.

The methods taught, harness the connection of conscious movement coupled with lessons found inside the breath. Based on the science of our bodies biomechanics, the 

methods taught focus on how your body wants to 

breathe and how it was made to breathe.  Tapping into 

your breath takes you out of the stress that we carry 

and frees us to focus on what is truly important in our 


As the founder of EXPAND+BREATHE, Michaela Goorahoo is a BREATHE ™ certified instructor.  Using truths discovered on her own journey to self healing.  She has incorporated ancient and modern techniques from Zen Buddhism, Yoga, Pilates, Deep Sea Diving, Astrology, Psychology as well as methods used by the Military.  Michaela's passion is her service to humanity and to raising the level of collective consciousness.  She believes that it is important to never lose the "beginners mind" and is committed to a life of loving, laughing, learning and serving.


"Recently, I had the real pleasure of attending an EXPAND+BREATH breathwork class. It was amazing to learn how something we all do so involuntarily could truly benefit us, if done correctly. Our teacher, Michaela,

explained the science of breathing properly, analized our individual breathing style and led us through a series of powerful, breath-inhancing exercises, followed by a beautiful, deep meditation.

By the end of class, everyone felt refreshed and had made great strides learning to breath for optimal health.

I loved how Michaela led the class with not only knowledge and dedication, but her joy for the work and helping everyone present was truly evident.

I plan on returning to future classes to expand my awareness, reduce stress and enhance my well-being, in general.

With so many mind/body benefitsfrom attending the EXPAND+BREATHE class, I would recommend it without



Lorna Cook | Feature Animation Director



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